Friday, January 7, 2011

Apres Three Kings

Now that the "Season" is over I have a little down time (mild exaggeration).  Normally I would veg in front of my DVR and catch-up on the oh so many shows I've missed over these past few months, but this year I thought it might be a more gratifying use of my time to catch everyone up on me, Santa Claus.  This, like most blogs, will be a free-form, free-wheeling expoundment (some liberties taken here and there on spelling and grammar) on my views (namely on, dare I say the word, Christmas), but I may delve into other areas (such as my utter disdain of anything 3-D).  And as its been a long, long few months I may not be as regular in my posts as my well fed reindeer.  I do assure everyone though that the Wi-Fi at the North Pole works as well as anywhere else (and no, I don't use AT&T).

It's always a bit of a "what now" moment when the Christmas season finally ends.  In past years I've tried yoga and Pilate's to distract me from the absence of non-stop activity that fills my days and weeks leading up to December 25th, but there's only so many videos I can watch before even they loose my interest.  I do fully applaud NetFlix's view instantly option as mail service can be a bit slow up North.  You'll find I bounce around a bit, but usually come back to the point I was initially trying to make.  I already feel the effects of the hot cocoa kicking in and a nap beckons me.  Napping is one of life's great pleasures, embrace it.  But before it get to the serious business of taking a mid-afternoon nap, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Ho Ho Ho.